our Mission statement

We believe that a love of learning is one of the greatest gifts that you can give a child, therefore we aim to develop a love of learning which will stay with a child for life by creating a welcoming place for children, families and the community in which they can grow, develop and learn.

We ensure that our practices reflect the diversity of the communities our children and families are a part of. Additionally, we recognise, respect and value Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures as a core part of the nation’s history, present and future.

We believe that children have a right to learn and develop in a safe and nurturing environment through play. We value the uniqueness of each child and are committed to providing stimulating, enriching and challenging environments that promote high expectations in learning and development for all children.

We recognise and respect that ‘families are children’s first and most influential teachers’ through actively encouraging partnerships with all families.

We acknowledge and respect the voices and opinions of our children, families and the community and encourage them to actively participate and become decision makers in our centre community.