Nutrition and Food

There are many benefits to promoting a healthy lifestyle in early childhood education and care settings, including the positive impact this has on each child’s learning and development. Being made aware of positive eating behaviour and the importance of physical activity from an early age can instil good habits that will remain throughout a person’s life.

At Nara we provide meals that cater to the individual dietary needs of each child and strive to create awareness of the nutritional value of food through a variety of different cultural foods and meal.

We also incorporating progressive meal times into the educational program which allows children to choose to eat when they are hungry, rather than according to a timetable. Children can gather in small groups to enjoy meals together, without interrupting the needs and play of others. This also encourages quieter, more social and meaningful interactions at meal times and allows for a smoother flow throughout the day. Children can make decisions based on their own needs, and can be supported to access food and water throughout the day by educators/staff, who actively participate in meal times.

The menu is displayed weekly in the entrance area at Nara.

Nara is recognised as a Get up and Grow Nutrition Centre.

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 Example of Nara's menu which runs in a 6 week cycle

Example of Nara's menu which runs in a 6 week cycle