Our curriculuM

<Children observe, discover, question, reflect and document within natural outdoor environments.>

The Nara curriculum encompasses the child’s whole day at Nara. It refers to the daily routine, interactions and procedures, as well as the written education program.

At Nara we believe play is a vital and important way for children to learn about themselves and their connection to their family, community and the world.

We encourage children to be independent, confident and proud to assume as much responsibility in their surroundings as their maturity will allow.

Nara’s curriculum is designed to incorporate the best practices of current research and expertise in early childhood education. We integrate literacy and maths into the day so that they are contextual and geared to each child's readiness.


Each day children have opportunities to focus on specific interest areas working independently as well as in groups. Book area, block building, pretend play, manipulative, art, sensory and science areas include a variety of materials carefully chosen to invite children to create, explore and express themselves.

In addition to daily music, movement and story times, children at Nara explore cooking projects, science experiments, gardening and story-telling.

Project work is also an important part of the curriculum: when children work together on big endeavours that interest them, they learn deeply. Field trips and walks in the neighbourhood inform these studies, allowing children to observe and to collect information out in the real world.

Outdoor curriculum

Nara’s educators plan and make the most of learning opportunities, both outdoors and indoors. Young children need space, fresh air, exercise and time to explore and play in natural environments.

Every day at Nara children can engage in play in our exciting outdoor learning environment. Rocks, logs, pebbles, sand, water, gardens and plants provide endless opportunities, challenges and ideas for children’s play. These features are particularly important given the urban nature of a modern childhood. Children gain an understanding of the elements of nature and interact in a meaningful and purposeful manner.

<There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.>

At Nara we value the beauty of our natural environment. We aim to develop children’s life-long curiosity and sense of wonder in the natural world. We ensure sufficient supervision in our indoor and outdoor spaces by working with high staff: low child ratios.

We value the benefits of children building confidence and learning to take risks within a safe and supervised setting. We believe in children having choices to learn in all environments and advocate for the benefits of outdoor and indoor learning spaces.